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From robotics to home and industrial automation, from medical wearables to marine research, from EdTech to AgTech: we specialize in the intersection of software, electrical, and mechanical design to engineer solutions for real-world applications


Our Story

A Bivy, or Bivouac, is a temporary shelter.

Bivy Labs serves as the temporary housing for our clients’ most important, and sometimes, most high-risk endeavors. We provide the engineering expertise and guidance to overcome technical and schedule challenges to help companies and research organizations achieve their key objectives.

The idea for a values-first engineering firm was first discussed by Bivy co-founders in 2017 over sandwiches on the bank of the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz, CA. Many conversations and one pandemic later, with 20 years of collective experience in engineering consulting, we officially founded Bivy Labs in Q4 of 2022.


Our Values

We are a values-led company, deeply committed to our foundational principles that shape every aspect of our operations. Our guiding rules emphasize the equal importance of the well-being of others and our own, the respectful and fair treatment of individuals, and a conscientious approach to environmental sustainability. We firmly believe in promoting peace, celebrating diversity, engaging constructively with conflict, and upholding honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Our work is guided by considerations of harm, fairness, equality, loyalty, and autonomy, ensuring that our decisions reflect a global perspective that respects all stakeholders, including the environment, communities, and non-human entities. We are dedicated to living our values in both our actions and communications, inviting feedback to hold us accountable and remain true to our mission. By adhering to these principles, we aim to foster connection, understanding, and empathy, making a positive impact on the world and encouraging others to join us in this commitment.

Our Team

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Our Consulting Partners

UltraCam Designs specializes in mixed signal PCBs and ASIC/FPGA designs

AutoLet delivers autonomous vehicle design beyond constraints, helping innovative companies design and bring to market stunning, safe, sustainable autonomous vehicles

FORGEX offers complete mechanical design engineering services in the consumer, transportation and medical industries

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